The Saint Andrews Piping Society  has been founded on the 17th of august 1972 and  is situated in Zaandam, the Netherlands.

The Saint Andrews Piping Society is playing Original Scottish Bagpipemusic for more than 32 years.
We are playing the music as it is played on the Highland Games and in the Highland Regiments like the
Scots Guards en the Queens Own Highlanders.


The tunes we are playing are mostley from "the Standard Settings of Pipe Music" from one of the Scottish Regiments.
We use other books too like the W. Ross.s collection of Highland Bagpipemusic.
You see part 4 of the book.

We have the ambition to play the music without using tippex, or make it more easily by so called "own arrangements".

The tartan of our kilts is the Ancient Douglas, this is a lighter implemantation from de tartan on our welcome-page.

The Saint Andrews Piping Society is probably  the smallest group of Scottish pipers in the Netherlands.
We have 5 members en some pupils.

We are curious about even small or smaller groups of pipers, and we like to know there configuration and what they do and why.

One of our pipers in
Winkel and Alkmaar
changing pictures !

Please click here for a part of Mary's Wedding

We are playing the Scottish Bagpipe (Great Highland Bagpipe or Piob Mohr) -Marschall - Robertson - Sinclair - the Scottish Smallpipe, mouthblown upper D-keynote and the tinwistle.

 Please click on the Scottish Smallpipe for the sound

We are playing  on the -Marschall- practice chanter and the practice Goose (with one drone) as well.
Besides we try to play the Bodhran, we have a instruction videotape maked by Tommy Hayes: bodhran,
bones & spoons.
If you have any practical suggestion please mail us !
The bodhran is possible a little bit unusual for Scottish pipers but we like Irish music and particular the Irish Pipemusic on the Uilleann Pipes as well.

Sometimes we give demonstrations for several events, we are playing on schools, birthdays, party's or funerals (Flowers of the Forest).