Who can learn to play  the Scottish bagpipe ?


Because a Scottish bagpipe has a very loud sound,  some people think that playing on the bagpipe is only possible when they have very big lungs and live a very healthy  life.

Well, pipers are people just like you and me, they drink, smoke and do other things.................

Every human being that has 10 fingers (if necessary you can miss the little finger on your left hand) 2 lungs and a lot cash of playing, can start to practice at the Saint Andrews Piping Society .

The minimum age for a piper is 9 years, there is no maximum.

When a student piper starts the lessons, a bagpipe is not necessary, he or she will start with a practice chanter.
A practice chanter has a size just like a flute but a more friendly volume than a bagpipe for the student, his family, their neighbours and his own ears.

click here for a part from the highroad to Gareloch

You have to learn all the notes, grips, doublings etc. and a lot of Scottish bagpipetunes before you can play the bagpipe.

The Saint Andrews Piping Society will teach you to read the music, that is more easily than you possibly think.

We teach you to play the bagpipe in the traditional Scottish way, as commonly in Scotland.

Do you want to know more, or do you want to try it?  MAIL US !  but remember:

the Saint Andrews Piping Society is situated in Alkmaar, the Netherlands