On this page some history and background information about the Saint Andrews Piping Society and her members.

Our members started their "musical life" by several  bands
Probably the first Scottish Pipeband in the Netherlands: de Schotjes van Tilburg ± 1958
  This photo has nothing to do with the Saint Andrews Piping Society but is a part of the Scottish Piping history in Holland.
The Beatrix Pipe Band ± 1967
  In this band (see our "link" page) played some of our later members like Trees Ploeger,she started at the Bonnie Scotland Pipeband and later she became member of the Saint Andrews Cross Pipeband.
In 1971 her last name changed in Dolman.
Bonnie Scotland started as a fyfe and drumband with kilts.
Some time later the band started with Scottish (Pakistani) Bagpipes.

They asked Bob Marschall to teach them.
Bob Marschall, piper on the left -Southend Scottish Pipeband-  
  The teacher of Bob Marschall was James Archibald Templeton, Pipe Major of the Southend Scottish Pipeband.
Pipe Major J.A. Templeton during a march in Middelkerke, Belgium 1971

In about 1967 Bob Marschall started the Saint Andrews Cross Pipeband in Amsterdam.
Our tartan was the Ancient Douglas.
After about a year a part of the Amsterdam Boys Brigade joined our band.
Than we had 3 drummers and 12 pipers.


   One of the first performances together

On  the picture: Carel Ooms, Henk Perlee and Martin Dolman


Queens birthday 1968 (?)

In our kilts that we borrowed from sisters, aunts and old schoolteachers we started a march on the Damrak in Amsterdam.
We walked on the middle of the road and the police cleared the road for us.
So we thought we were a real Scottish Pipeband.

Marching in front of the pub "The Green Scot", in Amsterdam


In 1972 the Saint Andrews Cross Pipeband stopped to excist.
Some members we never saw again, but other ex-members we see again in other bands, like the City of Amsterdam Pipeband and the Beatrix Pipes and Drums.

In 1972  the Saint Andrews Piping Society has been founded.